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A NEW CHOIR - THE MUMS!the mums dressed ready to sing

On 16th October, Holy Trinity Church’s new Choristers' Mums' Choir sang for its first morning service. The seven members already offer huge commitment to our church by ferrying girls and boys to and from practices, working their ways around the termly schedule, sitting through practices, attending services, altering cassocks and various other 'choirly' tasks. 

We wanted to offer them the opportunity to do something for themselves, as a way of thanking them for their support of the Choirs and of the Church. We already knew, from hearing their hymn-singing at morning and evening services, that there were some good voices lurking behind hymn books. This was proved to be true when they began rehearsals at the start of September. They worked hard each week to prepare three anthems and a setting of the Communion service. The ladies were also given the opportunity to choose the four hymns for the service. We hope that this fourth choir will be a regular fixture. 

Being a member of one of our choirs is not only a free activity but something which has many benefits - improving concentration, the boost to health and well-being which 
choir in robes
singing is proven to provide, developing skills of leadership and teamwork, forming friendships across age groups and different schools, a valuable musical education and the chance to sing a huge variety of music with a new challenge every week, plus pocket money at the end of each term. The boys usually sing at the Sunday evening service (6.30pm) and the girls normally sing for two Sunday morning services (11am) each month.
We are always looking for new members for our choirs. 

Interested and enthusiastic boys and girls are welcome to attend a choir practice in September (Girls' Choir = Tuesday, 7.15pm; Boys' Choir = Wednesday, 6.45pm). 

Or contact the Director of Music (Sara Wood: 01628 522593, sarawood44@hotmail.com) for more information.

On Mothering Sunday, 4 new choristers were invested as full members of the Girls' Choir (Maddie Gallacher, Elizabeth Richards, Jessica Thomas & Tabitha Weaver) and 2 new choristers were admitted as full members of the Boys' Choir (Alex Macleod & Joshua Mustard). This full membership of the choir follows a probationary period during which they attended practices and services, and it is marked by the presentation of a white surplice (to wear over their red cassocks). The 6 new full choristers are pictured here with a few of the other members of the Boys' Choir and Girls' Choir.

 The Choir of Boys & Men (22 members) and the Choir of Girls (15 members) cover two services each Sunday (11am & 6.30pm) during term-time. 


                     CHOIR PRACTICE TIMES


7.15 – 8pm Girls’ Choir 

8 – 9.15pm Men’s Choir


6.45 – 7.30pm Boys’ Choir

The Boys and Men work together and as two separate choirs. The Girls sing for two Sunday morning services a month and the Boys sing for two or three evening services a month and occasional morning services; the Men sing every Sunday, either in the morning or the evening. The Boys, Girls and Men combine to sing for various special The repertoire of the choirs is extensive and varied – from traditional anthems to “Jonah-Mann Jazz” – providing vocal training and a musical education for free. The choirs sing in excess of six anthems during each Sunday (plus responses, canticles, psalms and Recordings, radio and television appearances and visits to cathedrals and neighbouring churches are a long-standing feature of the music at Holy Trinity.

Holy Trinity is notable for the provision of a choral evening service each Sunday and for its customary trilogy of carol services (Advent, Christmas and Epiphany), with the unique sixty-year tradition of holding its Christmas Carol Service on Christmas Day (6.30pm). 

The choir sings for weddings and other special non-Sunday services throughout the year, both at Holy Trinity and at neighbouring churches. 

Services at Holy Trinity are supported by the use of the three-manual pipe organ and a Bluthner boudoir grand piano. The pipe organ, after extensive restoration work in recent years, is one of the finest in the local area.

Singing is an excellent health and brain benefiting activity amidst all the many weekly school and work commitments. The choirs have recently welcomed several new members, but enthusiastic singers are always welcome. Any boy (aged 7+), girl (aged10-18) or man interested in joining should please contact our Director of Music to discuss this further (Sara Wood: 01628 522593). email choirmistress

 Organist & Director of Music: Sara Wood GRSM ARCM LRAM Dip Ed 

Assistant Director of Music: Victoria Wood MA BSc FRSM