Holy Trinity Church, Cookham

Serving at the Heart of Your Community

Restoration Project

                                    Outside Window       Porch2       Stonework

Holy Trinity Church has been standing in Cookham, by the river side, for nearly 1000 years serving many generations of villagers. In addition to the traditional religious functions, Holy Trinity hosts varied events such as art talks, concerts and the BBC Sunday morning service broadcast to over one million listeners in April 2009. Indeed, increasingly now the church attracts many visitors from all parts of the world – especially noticeable recently have been those coming to mark the fiftieth anniversary of the death of Sir Stanley Spencer, England’s greatest Christian artist. Who himself lived in Cookham and painted masterpieces such as ‘Resurrection’ which depicted our churchyard.

The tower not only is a landmark in Cookham, but also houses a peel of ten bells, the oldest of which dates back to 1638. Through the ages these bells have beckoned worshippers, villagers, mourners and wedding guests to enter within Holy Trinity’s hallowed walls.

It is our duty to cherish and care for this beautiful church for those who come after us – as has been done by our forebears for us.

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