Holy Trinity Church, Cookham

Serving at the Heart of Your Community

A Tradition of Benefaction

HURCHES in Britain have, over the ages, relied heavily upon the generosity of benefactors. For more than 1,000 years the fabric and activities of Holy Trinity Church have been supported in this way, as indeed the church has been, and continues to be, a central support to the village of Cookham. It is difficult to imagine a time when the financial needs of the Church of England, and its churches, have been under more pressure. Ongoing upkeep of our buildings and the rising cost of clergy pensions accentuate this pressure.

Benefactions may be many and varied, but legacies are a very important element of funding, and can enable a positive step-change for a church such as ours which finds it difficult to balance its budget. (A past legacy enabled us to buy a maisonette to house a curate). Those granting bequests have the satisfaction of knowing that they have helped Holy Trinity adapt to changing needs and circumstances in serving the community.

An opportunity to leave a lasting memorial

Many members of Holy Trinity would like to donate a gift which would make a real difference to their church, but perhaps are unable to during their lifetime. Including a legacy in one’s will offers this opportunity.

The charitable status of the Church means that legacies and bequests to it are free from Inheritance and Capital Gains Taxes, and this reduces the total liability on one’s estate.

Tax-efficient giving offers tremendous opportunities – but any help, however given, is greatly appreciated. Many smaller bequests will be needed to help Holy Trinity meet its aims and each one will be appreciated warmly.

Types of legacy