Holy Trinity Church, Cookham

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Fr Michael Smith, Vicar.

"Finding yourself upon the altar" Click Here
"Living on the edge" Listen
"The innkeepers son" Listen
Sunday 8th August 2010 Click Here
Sunday 15th August 2010 Click Here
Sunday 29th August 2010 Click Here
Sunday 12th September : "Lost and Found" Click Here
Sunday 12th September (Evensong) : "How to read the Bible" Click Here
Sunday 19th September : "I love baptisms" Click Here
Sunday 31st October : "All Saints" Click Here
Sunday 14th November : Remembrance Sunday Click Here
Sunday March 26th Conversations with Jesus - Right and Wrong Click here

Trinity Sunday 19th June 2011 Click Here
Trinity Sunday 19th June 2011 Evensong Click Here
Fri 1st July 2011: The Theology of Carpentry: Father Andrew's first Mass Click here
Sun 24th July 2011: "Kingdom People" - Matth. 13 vv 31-33, 44-52 Click Here
Sun. 7th August 2011:  "Beautiful Feet"  Click here
Sun. 14th August 2011:  "The Canaanite Woman"  Click Here
Sun. 4th September 2011: "Community, with Jesus" Click Here
Sun. 11th September 2011: "Jesus and Forgiveness" Click Here
Sun. 18th September 2011: "God's Abundant Sufficiency"  Click Here
Sunday 2nd October: "Faithful Tenants?" Click here
Sun. 9th October 2011: "God's Wedding Banquet"  Click Here 
Sun. 30th October 2011:  "Saints Alive !"  Click Here
Sun. 27th November 2011: "Waiting on God"  Click Here
Sun. 22nd January 2012 :  "Motivation - Power or Love?  Click Here
Sun. 26th Feb. 2012:  Jesus's Baptism ; comforted & driven by the Spirit  Click Here
Sun. 11th March 2012  "Loveless Religion?"  Click Here

Sun. 8th April 2012  "Resurrction for All !"  Click here
Sun. 8th April 2012  Easter Sunday Story  Click Here
Sun. 3rd June 2012 Queen's Diamond Jubilee   Click Here
Sun. 10th June 2012  "Binding the Strong Man"  Click Here
Sun. 26th August 2012  "The Whole Armour of God"  Click Here

Sun. 23rd September 2012  "Nurturing God's World"  Click Here
Sun. 7th October 2012  Jesus - 'tough' or 'cuddly'?   Click Here
Sun. 11th November 2012  Remembrance Day Sermon Click Here
Christmas Day 2012  "God with us - in Jesus"  Click Here
Advent 3  2012:   "Judgement Today?"  Click Here
Epiphany 2  2013:   "Baptism - into Friendship with God'  Click here
Sun. 20th January 2013:  Story - "After the Wedding"  Click Here

Sun. 17th February 2013  "Crossing the Road"  Click Here
Sun. 31st March 2013  "The Resurrection"  Click Here
Fri. 29th March 2013  "The Betrayal"  Click Here
Sun. 31st March 2013  "Rolling away the fear"  Click Here
Sun. 12th May 2013  "Following Jesus"  Click Here
Trinity Sunday 26th May 2013  "Creative Love, in the Trinity"  Click Here
St. Mary Magdelene 2013  "God outside the box"  Click here
Trinity 7 2013  "Meeting the Good Samaritan - again"  Click Here
Trinity 8 2013  "Attracted, not distracted"  Click here


Fr Nick Plant, Associate Priest.

Sunday 13th March. Conversations with Jesus - Temptation Click Here
Sun. 18th Dec. 2011.  Expecting - Looking forward to something new Click Here
Sun. 5th February 2012  Holy Trinity Church Giving campaign Click Here 


Mr Charles Walmsley, Licensed Lay Reader.

Sunday 20th March: Conversations with Jesus: Nicodemus Click Here
Sunday 1st May:  Crucifixion and Resurrection Click here

9th Sunday after Trinity  "Prayer'  Click Here

Mr David Joynes, Parish Ordinand.

Sunday 15th May: Being Ecumenical Click here
Sunday 15th Jan. 2012  The Theology of Work Click Here
Sunday 5th May 2013  The Great Commission Click Here
Sunday 11th August 2013  "Do we trust in God?"  Click Here