Holy Trinity Church, Cookham

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Summer Camp - Showstoppers - 24-28th July 2017


91 children enjoyed an action packed week of crafts, sports, drama and learning about the way that God loves us and helps us in life. It was a week of joy and fun culminating in a special celebratory service on Sunday morning where the children sang and gave their versions of the week’s activities.

It was a real privilege to engage with the children, and we look forward to more fun and games next year.

Once again, a huge thank you to all the volunteers this year. Without their participation and enthusiasm it would not happen!Feedback this year has been the most positive yet over the four years that we've been running the holiday club. This was undoubtedly helped this year by the introduction of marquees.

Responses from the children:-

1. To the overall enjoyment question, 96% enjoyed it (split 69% strongly agreed and 27% agreed). 4% were equivocal. No-one did not enjoy it!

2. Art and craft was the activity enjoyed by most at 65% ("what were the three things you most liked") Followed by 'in church' activities – teaching, videos, plays, singing – 56%, then by sport - 48%, then by drama - 32%, mixing with friends – 19%, everything! – 12%

The overall program was seen as a good mix and every single activity, in general terms, was enjoyable.

3. Suggestions for the future included more sports variety, more 'lessons', more chairs outside, less disco (!) and no fire alarms!

Responses from the Volunteers and helpers:-

1. Overall enjoyment was 100% (split 63% strongly enjoy and 37% enjoy)

2. Most enjoyed activities were 'in church' – teaching, videos, plays and music – 79% Followed by fun/friendly/community/variety - 63%. Then drama and craft – each at 26%

3. Verbatim suggestions for the future included cookery, music, rugby, more kids on stage, reduce biscuit intake, refine craft program, Spare clothes for accidents, Handgel for kids and shorter sessions.