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Friends of Holy Trinity

Cookham’s Friend

How often do you walk or drive through Cookham and see the reassuring sight of the church tower of Holy Trinity Church? Would you care if it was not a shining beacon in the night sky – or indeed if the building was not there at all?

Many people see the building as an essential part of the beauty and architecture of Cookham even though they may not be worshippers or only infrequent visitors to our church.

Holy Trinity has been a friend to Cookham, making a contribution to the life and soul of the village, for over 1000 years.  In turn, Holy Trinity has had many friends throughout its history, both from within the parish and from the wider community.

We believe that there are many people who regard Holy Trinity Church with great affection though they are not able, or do not want to use it as a regular place of worship.

The pressures of increasing costs of repairing and maintaining our historic parish church into its second millennium has led us to try and formalise these friendships; to ensure that the church building will still be a vibrant part of our village scene for generations to come.

Members of the worshipping community will continue to meet the normal ‘housekeeping’ costs of day to day worship and ministry at Holy Trinity.

However the Parochial Church Council have established the Friends of Holy Trinity Church to help contribute towards the cost of maintaining the fabric of the church, its surrounds and the replacement and repair of the major items – for example the renewal or replacement of worn parts of the organ, repairs to the bells, bell tower, roof, or crumbling window frames. 

If you wish to see the building maintained for future generations.

If you wish to ensure this church continues to be available for family occasions or have been pleased to use the services offered here.

Or, if you wish to continue to enjoy the beauty, historical and architectural heritage that this building of prayer brings to the village.

Then, will you become a Friend of Holy Trinity? We will send you newsletters keeping you informed of developments and also offer the opportunity to have loved ones or special anniversaries honoured in the remembrance book in the church.

Over the centuries Holy Trinity has been a good and solid friend to the people of Cookham. It has been the scene of many important events in our lives and in the lives of our predecessors. Please help us to maintain this beautiful building for the benefit of everyone and, of course, for generations to come. 

If you would like any further information, please contact either Colin Jackson 01628 784166 or  Ann Howard 01628 486531.

Together, we can ensure that this part of the heart of Cookham will continue to beat strongly into the next Millennium!

Projects in which the Friends have assisted:

  • A new Notice Board at entrance to churchyard
  • The repair and maintenance of the church clock
  • The replacement of rose bushes in the churchyard
  • The instillation of artwork behind high altar
  • A new Christmas crib
  • A £2000 donation to the church restoration fund

Possible future projects

  • The renovation of the church pathways and a hard cover to the path to the parish centre
  • The renovation of the wooden seats in the churchyard
  • To Investigate extending pathway lighting in the churchyard

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